Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Big Red Machine Kane

Before making his 1997 WWE debut as Kane, Glen Thomas Jacobs had many gimmicks such as, The Christmas Creature, The fake Diesel, and Dr. Issac Yankem DDS, which were very horrible gimmicks .Glen, was trained by Ray Candy and former Radicalz member Dean Malenko. Years later WWE thought up a great storyline which was that The Undertaker had a brother who he had accidentally killed along with his parents by setting his house on fire. Not long later Paul Bearer Reveled the dark secret what Undertaker did to his brother & parents and week by week Paul would drop hints to Undertaker that Kane is coming.

Finally, at Bad Blood 1997, Glen Jacobs made his final and successful character debut as the maniac Kane. It was Shawn Michaels VS The Undertaker in a Hell In Cell match, around the middle of that match undertaker was setting up HBK for a tombstone suddenly the lights went out Kane's music hit as you see him walking down the ramp with a passion for revenge and by his side none other that Paul Bearer. Kane ripped the Cell door off its hinges and entered the cell staring at Undertaker in the ring face to face. Kane does his pyro gimmick distracting the Undertaker. Kane then picks him up his brother for a tombstone piledriver and nailed him right into the canvas. Shawn quickly went for the pin and got the 1 2 3.

Weeks later Kane wanted to fight the undertaker in a match but Undertaker refused. So Kane took matters into his own hands and lit a casket on fire with Undertaker inside. Later on Undertaker returned wanting to face his brother and that match happened at WrestleMania 14.Undertaker went through hell fighting his brother but prevailed at the end, it took him 3 tombstones to get the win. A year or two later Kane extended his hand in friendship to Undertaker, and then formed a tag team called The Brothers of Destruction. Undertaker and Kane were the most dominating tag team around that time. Known for Breaking Vince McMahon’s ankle and putting him in the hospital the Brothers of Destruction were on a role winning the tag team belts. Around 2002 the Brothers started wrestling single again. And that’s when Kane became even more famous starring in a full length movie called "See No Evil”. The Brothers of Destruction finally reunited in 2006 to face MVP and Mr. Kennedy which was a great match. Then again facing Booker T and Finlay. Kane is a Very talented superstar I hope WWE gives him a WWE Championship run in the future, which he more than deserves.

Article by Wes

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Slammys are back!

The Slammys are coming back! The December 8 Monday Night RAW will be a three hour special edition that will feature the Slammy Awards, which are the WWE equivalent to the Academy Awards. This will be the fifth edition of the Slammys with the four previous ones held in 1986, 1987 and ten years later in 1996 and 1997. The last two were held on the Friday before WrestleMania. Categories for the Slammys included in the past 'Best Hair', 'Best Finisher', 'Best Couple', 'Best Dressed', 'Match of the Year' and others. The three hour RAW with the Slammys will be held in Philadelphia, PA. Let’s hope they throw in cool wrestling music videos like from the first, remember land of 1000 dances?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Perfect Wrestler

A little over five years ago On February 10, 2003, Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig was found dead in a Florida hotel room. The Tampa Coroner's office and the Tampa Medical Examiner's office declared acute cocaine intoxication as the official cause of his death. His father former wrestler Larry "The Axe" Hennig said that steroids and painkillers also contributed to his death.

WWE aired a video tribute as well as words from friends and former co-workers Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Ross on Raw following the news of Hennig's death. TNA paid tribute to Hennig by displaying his wrestling singlet and a framed photo as he was employed by TNA at the time of his death.

Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig is considered by insiders and his peers (most notably Bret Hart and Ric Flair) as one of the greatest in ring performers in modern wrestling history.
Wade Boggs, who famously appeared in a vignette with Hennig and was a close friend of his, inducted him into the WWE Hall of Fame on March 31, 2007. His wife, his four children, and his parents accepted the award on his behalf.

Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig will always be remembered as one of the greatest wrestlers in the WWE A tribute song about Hennig, "My Perfect Friend", was featured on the 2003 "Macho Man" Randy Savage album Be a Man and just a few months ago the DVD The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect was released highlighting the career or a perfect wrestler.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where is Perry Saturn?

No one seems to know where former WWE/WCW wrestler Perry Saturn is. Some of his closest friends actually believe he's not alive, but no one has proof one way or the other. At the funeral of Killer Kowalski, the whereabouts of Perry Saturn was the number one topic of conversation with a number of his friends saying they didn't believe he was still alive. Every few months or so, his friends ask Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer to do a missing persons search on him, but it always turns up with nothing. The big question is where in the world is Perry Saturn?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The WWE FutureStars!

WWE should look in to giving some of the newer wrestlers a push there are many individuals in the company that can have a more promising career if properly promoted. MVP (Montel Vontaivous Porter) also an acronym for most valuable player should be given a chance to be a top WWE superstar, MVP is a talented wrestler with a fairly good gimmick. The WWE should stop giving people like Santino Marella chances to win matches and championships although he is hilarious when it comes to backstage segments and microphone interviews but he is just not quite the right candidate to hold WWE gold. Why the WWE gives pushed to talent-less wrestlers like the The Miz is beyond me, Miz has no in ring skills and zero personality in interviews. On the other hand, John Morrison is a fairly decent wrestler and deserves a push in the future. Hopefully the WWE will take a look at some of these wrestlers and keep them in mind for a future push.

Article by Wes

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ashley Massaro VS Ashley Massaro!

Here are the mysterious details about the two Ashley’s:

1- On the left in the bikini is an alleged Las Vegas model who happens to have the same name as WWE wrestling diva, Ashley Massaro. The WWE Ashley Massaro has been fingered in an escort scandal by the FBI and Rolling Stone magazine. Fans of Ashley are trying to say that the girl in the bikini is a dead ringer for Ashley with the same name who is actually the one implicated in the whole mess.

2- There are two Ashley Massaros. One is our favorite ex WWE diva, the other is a model who supposedly lives in Las Vegas. Both women have the same name, and the two were often mistaken for each other in the past which is why WWE Ashley went by Ashley Marie Massaro before she joined WWE. To make life more exciting both women look freakishly similar, but the Vegas Ashley is said to be younger than the ex WWE diva.

3- Philly Burbs journalist Eric Gargiulo has spoken to a few people close to the Ashley Massaro escort scandal story, and they are saying that the Ashley Massaro named by Rolling Stone is indeed the WWE Diva. Gargiulo's sources are saying that the timing fits right and considering that the girl in question was advertised from New York City, it's a pretty big giveaway.

4- Ashley's profile did in fact exist on the website of the Los Angeles based "Bella Models" escort agency, but no pictures were found. Although, Massaro's name was never erased from the website. The page said that Massaro was based out of New York City. Of course, the WWE Diva is from Long Island, New York, which is nearby New York City. The page also listed her nightly booking fee at whopping $25,000.

5- At the moment, it appears as though that the WWE Diva's lone saving grace is Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer saying that there is, or at least was, "another Ashley Massaro" based out of Las Vegas. The alleged Massaro is a bikini model who won some major bikini competitions in 2003 and 2004, according to Meltzer. Additionally, the alleged Massaro is three years younger than the WWE Diva. People have trying to find information online on the supposed bikini model, but no one's been able to pull up up anything on her. Even if a Las Vegas based Ashley Massaro does indeed exist, the only other possible explanation that the person named by Rolling Stone is not the WWE Diva is if the Las Vegas bikini model happened to live in New York City in 2003-2004 as well, and that's a pretty big stretch.

In conclusion, well honestly we at WWEGossip are a bit stumped. Are there two Ashley Massaro if so this could be a very lucrative storyline fore WWE or even TNA. Imagine the call girl Ashley verses WWE Ashley in a wrestling match cool stuff! The one conclusion we at WWEGossip can agree on is that both Ashley’s are HOT!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bring Back The Legends!

WWE should bring back legends to manage some of today’s WWE superstars, having a legend at ringside while your having a match will be great its like having a mentor to help you win matches and become a better wrestler. For Example, WWE should bring back Rick Flair to manage Triple who is great wrestler there is no doubt that and everyone knows he will be a future hall of famer. However, having Ric Flair at ringside will be a amazing privilege they would be unstoppable, just like back in the evolution days.

Ric Flair is the dirtiest player in the game in the corner of the game would make Triple H better than ever or imagine HBK (who ended Ric's career at WresltleMania 24) having Ric Flair as a manager WOW! If that were to happen WWE attitude would be born again. Another good manager would be WWE legend Rowdy Roddy Piper who could be a manager/mentor for the younger talent and guide them to future superstar status. Bring back legends such as Flair & Piper to manage would also pull in a larger fan base of old school wrestling fans. The WWE bringing back those legends who paved the way would be awesome and give wrestling legends a chance to once again be seen in the spotlight and help mold the new up and comers into future WWE legends.

Article by Wes

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Undertaker Still Kicking Ass!

The Undertaker began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling in 1984. He joined World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1989. When WCW did not renew The Undertaker contract in 1990, in November of that year he joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, which later became the WWE in 2002). Having remained with that company ever since, The Undertaker is currently one of the senior performers in WWE. He is one of only two wrestlers, the other being Shawn Michaels, to have appeared on the very first episode of Raw who are still with the company today.

The Undertaker is also the creator of several specialty matches, those being; The Casket match, The Boiler Room Brawl match, The Buried Alive match, the Hell in a Cell match and the Inferno Match in which the entire ring is surrounded in fire.

Undertaker is undefeated at WrestleMania with a 16-0 record (referred to as simply The Streak) and is a six-time world champion (four-time WWE Champion and two-time World Heavyweight Champion). Many say Undertaker’s winning WrestleMania streak will end at WrestleMania XXV (25). I say and I am sure all Taker fans will agree that The Streak should never end. If the WWE decides to end the Undertaker’s streak at mania it would certainly put the nail in the coffin of Undertaker’s character and no wrestling fan would Rest In Peace!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

WWE Blackballs Randy Savage

The “Macho Man" Randy Savage is a household name when it comes to the world of pro wrestling. The burning question is why Savage is banned from every aspect of the WWE, Here is the rumor in full that has been floating around the internet for years. Savage left the WWF in 1994 rather abruptly. It was always rumored that he left because Hogan did and that could have had something to do with it but the prevalent story now is that he was fired because he had sex with Stephanie McMahon, daughter of Vince McMahon. It is said that the name "Randy Savage" is not to be uttered in the presence of Vince to this day. The Macho Man is, even to this day, one of the most famous names in wrestling history and should have been the first one inducted into the WWE hall of fame.

When you say "The Macho Man" everyone thinks Ooooooooohhhhhh Yeeeeeahhhhhhh, I can only imagine him saying that after he was done with Stephanie!! LOL. He was a charismatic speaker; his trademark deep, raspy voice is a voice that I would bet that all of us tried to imitate at some point in our youth. His character was able to translate as a face and a heel. He has gone on to the be the spokesman for Slim Jim and it has been an effective ad campaign... when I see a Slim Jim all I can think about is "Snap into a Slim Jim... Ooooohhhhhh Yeeeeahhhhh". He finished out his career as a lunatic in the WCW and I don't blame him for that, it was nearly impossible for the WCW to promote any of its wrestlers (even the great Bret Hart was a mere second card guy in his term in the WCW). The Macho Man is every bit as ubiquitous with professional wrestling as the Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania. That is why his impact is a 10...he and Hogan created the sport that we loved growing up. I would pay money to see him bust out a "Oohhhhh Yeahhhhh" one more time in the ring. That lasting impact is what this list is all about, fleeting stars and gimmicks are everywhere in the annals of professional wrestling but characters like The Macho Man will live forever no matter how much McMahon tries to blackball him.

In a late breaking news story "Macho Man" Randy Savage, who wrestled on nine out of the first ten WrestleManias and came away with the WWF Championship on two of them, will not be a character available to play on the upcoming "Legends of Wrestlemania" video game, which is scheduled for release next March. At Vince McMahon's discretion, a few big names were excluded from the game for one reason or another, most notably Randy Savage and Mick Foley. Sources say THQ officials were most unhappy about not being able to feature Savage and Foley in the game. At least in Foley's case, he was originally scheduled to appear in the game, but following his departure from WWE a few weeks ago and now showing up in TNA, McMahon made the decision to pull his character.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Your Fired!

WWE has been on a firing spree for the last few weeks. Over seven people were released from the company such as: Big Daddy V, Shannon Moore, Steven Richards, Nunzio, Collin Delaney and Rory McAllister of the Highlanders. The WWE have released too many talented superstars and retained wrestlers who put fans to sleep. In 2006 WWE reunited ECW bringing back all the old school ECW wrestlers. In about 1 year or less WWE started firing them. The only ECW original left is Tommy Dreamer which is bad business, why even call it ECW anymore? Before this article hits the net Dreamer may also be fired. Almost all of the famous superstars that were fired in WWE ended up in TNA for example, Christian, Rhino, Kevin Nash, The Dudley Boys, Booker T and much more.

What the WWE fails to understand is that all of those superstars will make TNA even more popular and give the WWE a run for their money. Don’t be surprised if in a few years TNA blows up bigger than the WWE. Instead of getting rid of so many wrestlers the WWE needs to get better story lines from their writers the current ones they have now are not cutting it. WWE has another bad habit of giving rising stars the belts too soon! Give people like Shawn Michael’s the belt or Chris Jericho people who won’t drop the ball so TNA can grab it.

Article by Wes

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WWE the Funnier Times :)

What happened to the WWE’s humor and attitude? It seems WWE is going soft and somehow lost their grapefruits, what happened to the funny edgier skits like Stephanie McMahmon getting kidnapped by the Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior getting buried alive by Jake the Snake or when Kane and Paul Bearer tried to embalm Stone Cold Steve Austin, those were the good old days. Today we see stuff like John Cena rapping, Kane carrying around Rey Mysterio’s mask or Vince getting blown up in his limousine…Boring!

The WWE needs to bring back the attitude they once had but may now be lost forever like HBK’s smile. The WWE needs to go back to the period in time, where a lot of wrestling/skits in the company were willing to go to the extreme to entertain fans. There were a lot of hardcore matches, cages, new ideas like the Inferno match, different and more realistic characters, and the biggest anti-hero in Stone Cold Steve Austin being the centerpiece with his rivalry with Vince McMahon and his rebellious Don't Trust Anybody attitude. I guess when WWF took F out they also took the FUN out. :(

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Will Mick Foley go to TNA?

There has been talk that WWE hardcore legend Mick Foley will be heading to the TNA/NWA wrestling company when his WWE contract is expires on September 1st 2008. Foley said that TNA offered him a good deal in 2005 but he decided to stay with WWE after they topped TNA’s price. There is no way that Foley will not be able to withstand a full time wrestling contract so he will be wrestling part time much like Sting and Kevin Nash.

I think it would be a good change for Foley to work in TNA because every time he makes a return match in WWE he ends up in a pool of his own blood, by going to TNA Foley will most likely win some matches or do some managing. Best of luck to the greatest hardcore wrestler Mick Foley and his alter ego’s Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack we will miss you but more so the WWE will if you leave.

Article by Wes

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WWE Writers Suck!

On the August 11th 2008 edition of RAW Kane had a match with Chris Jericho, Kane was doing well until RAW’s general manager Mike Adamie came down to ringside with a pack of security guards because he told Kane he will reveal what he has in that brown mystery bag. Kane then picked up the bag and held it to his chest, as Kane turned around Jericho hit the code breaker and won the match (what else is new Kane loses to everyone these days). Shortly after Mike Adamie told Kane its time to see what's in the bag, Kane didn't want to reveal the contents but he then finally opened up the mystery bag. Kane then says there’s a mask in this bag, but not my mask.

Kane pulled put Rey Mysterio’s mask, did Kane kill Rey Mysterio? What the hell is the WWE thinking they went ahead and f*%ked up yet another good story line. There is so much they could have done with this angle! The WWE writers should all be choked slammed to hell, tombstoned and then buried alive!

Article by Wes

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kane Asks "Is He Alive Or Dead?"

On the July 7th edition of raw there was a fatal four way match were the winner gets a world heavy weight championship match at the upcoming PPV. Batista picked up the win by doing a crapy spear on Kane. Minutes later Batista left the ring and Kane snapped he went to ring side and big booted a time keeper in the face then tried to grab Lillian Garcia who ran like a scalded dog.

Kane then approached the announce table and screamed "is he alive or dead!?" he then grabbed that worm Michael Cole by the throat and tossed him in the ring. Kane was going to choke-slam him to hell but Jerry the King Lawler came in and chop-blocked Kane which backfired on King. Kane beat the hell out of him and left him there after a kick to the skull, now when Kane said those words "is he alive or dead” who could that be? Couldn’t it be Undertaker because he did not die in his last match he just walked out the arena! Could it be Paul Bearer? Last time we seen him was at the 2004 great American Bash when Undertaker drowned him in cement.

What’s in the bag Kane now carries around? could it be Paul Bearer’s crushed urn. On the other hand the bag could contain Kane’s old mask or maybe some eyeballs, plugging a new ‘See No Evil’ movie with good old Jacob Goodnight?

Article by Wes

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hillbilly Jim Molests Dog?

Warren County resident and former professional wrestler Jim “Hillbilly Jim” Morris is accused of punching a man Monday in Bowling Green.

Morris and Roy Henson, 49, a teacher at Bowling Green High School, got into an argument about Henson’s dogs at the Natcher Elementary School park area. Morris approached Henson after Henson’s dogs were around Morris’ feet and barking at him, according to a Bowling Green Police Department report. The incident occurred between 7:50 p.m. and 8:06 p.m.

Morris, who’s age was not available, told Henson there was a dog park down the road and that Henson needed to go there, according to the report.

The two then exchanged words and Henson said Morris punched him and molested his dog, according to the report.

Henson told police that Morris said he was a sheriff’s deputy and would “take care of him,” according to the report.

Morris denied punching Henson, but acknowledged that the two got into an argument and he pushed Henson back, according to the report.

Henson did not have any visible injuries when police arrived, according to the report.

Charges have not been filed because the incident was classified by police as a fourth-degree assault - a misdemeanor. Henson would have to go the Warren County Attorney’s Office to press charges.

Henson had not attempted to press charges as of Wednesday afternoon, said Amy Milliken, county attorney.

When contacted by phone Wednesday, Henson said he did not have a comment about the incident, but did say it was unfortunate.

“I didn’t think when I went out to walk my dog something like this would happen,” he said.

Henson said he had not decided if he will press charges.

Attempts to contact Morris through his Web site were not successful.

Monday, June 23, 2008

D'lo Brown Back in Town

Former WWE superstar D'lo Brown has signed a new contract with WWE he will be making his in ring return soon. I am guessing that he will be Ted DiBiase Jr partner at night of champions against Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly. D'lo started his wrestling career in New Jersey as ace the animal. He then wrestled earthquake in the WWF in 1993 under his name as a jobber. He made is official debut in 1997 as D'lo Brown as a member of the nation of domination tag team stable. Later D'lo turned on the leader of the team Ron Simmons a.k.a Faarooq then turned on the second leader the rock.

In the fall of 1999, at a taping of Smackdown at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY, Brown was matched up against former NFL linemen Darren "Droz" Drozdov. Brown had been using a running powerbomb in his repertoire for some time, so it was a routine move. Unfortunately, something went wrong that night, and Brown dropped Droz on his head and neck. The match was stopped, and unfortunately, Droz was rendered paralyzed. Droz holds no grudges against D'Lo, but this would be the start of the downfall for D'Lo in WWE. D'lo later allied himself with Mark Henry. D'lo’s career became bigger when he won the European champion and intercontinental championship titles best of luck to D'lo when he returns to the might WWE.

Article by Wes

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why "The Rock" is a Crock!

When Dwayne Johnson first came to the WWE/WWF, he was known as “Rocky Mavia,” a combination of names between his father and his grandfather. His gimmick was rather awkward, he had some wild haircut and a jungle outfit to match. What the hell? Dwayne had a lot of potential inside the ring, but good ol Vinny Mac just didn’t want to give this guy any mic time. Even as a good guy, his omen as a bad guy was pure; chants like “Die Rocky Die” were innovative to Rocky Mavia being what he is known today, the Rock.

When the Rock finally emerged and brought with him all the tools of the wrestling trade, he was electrifying. You could see that a future world champion was destined for greatness. However, it seemed that the Rock started to look more and more like another pro-wrestler, Hulk Hogan. No, not because of being the movie star, but because he had to be world champ all the time. Just like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and Stone Cold Steve Austin; the Rock now had to be world champ all the time. Just like Hulk Hogan, the Rock has pretty much all hype and no show. He can punch the hell out of you and still have time to spit in his hand and hit you one more time; can you say fake? The Rock’s name isn’t even original. Remember Don “The Rock” Muroco? A former intercontinental champion and legend of the WWE?

In one brutal PPV match between Mick Foley and The Rock (the match was featured in Beyond the Mat (1999), during which Foley was handcuffed and he was subjected some fourteen consecutive chair shots to the head, in which the Rock actually almost killed Foley by swinging the chair with all his mite in an attempt to get over with his character. Foley’s kids who were in the front row with their mother and were shown to be shaken. They haven't attended a live show since. After the match The Rock didn’t even come to Foleys dressing room after the match to see if he was ok.

Finally, now in 2008 Dwayne Johnson has gone Hollywood all the way, vowing he is done with wrestling forever and will focus on his acting career. With flops under his belt like Doom, Walking Tall, Spy Hunter and Be Cool in which he played a homosexual. The Rock appears the 2008 Get Smart movie in which he has a kissing scene with another man. It was rumored that "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson was part of the Fa'afafine (Samoan boys brought up as girls) I guess it all adds up, if you smell what the Rock is cooking?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Vince Show Me The $

It was announced as a blockbuster that Vince McMahon chairman of the world wrestling entertainment is going to give away 1 million dollars cash money to WWE fans worldwide each and every week.

The way to win this money is to register on, you will be given a special code that will be announced on raw the following week. I think this is a very good idea by Vince, it’s is like giving the fans back what they paid for when they come to a live event. This will make many people start watching WWE to get the big bucks in there hands’ I myself will be participating in the cash giveaway every week.

Article by Wes

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Ghost of Owen Hart

Blue Blazer
On May 23, 1999, Owen Hart, brother of WWE Hall-of-Famer Bret Hart, died at a WWE pay-per-view (then known as the WWF) event when he fell from the rafters attempting a wrestling gimmick. He was supposed to be lowered into the arena on a cable when the release mechanism had somehow been triggered, having him fall nearly 80 feet on the ring ropes and then into the ring. While he did not die immediately from the fall, he was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

In the years since his death, there have been multiple reports of sightings of (the ghost of) Owen Hart. Employees have claimed to have seen him in the rafters wearing the Blue Blazer costume he was wearing for his gimmick as well as the cable before he began the descent. There have also been reports of flickering lights and other power sources that seem to go on and off in some areas of the arena.

Owen Hart's death was an absolute tragedy for the wrestling world. For someone to lie about seeing the ghost of a person like Owen Hart would take a lot of nerve. However, it would not be the first time someone has. If he is haunting the Kemper Arena, it would make sense for him to be in the rafters, constantly reliving the events that led to his unfortunate demise. However, it would not make sense as it was known amongst the workers of WWF that he was afraid of heights, and had only done such a stunt very few times. The flickering lights and power losses could also be caused by faulty wiring or failing bulbs. But it is said that ghosts need energy to manifest and that they gather it from batteries and other appliances, so it could be Owen taking energy from the lights and outlets.

So, does the Kemper Arena still have someone performing there? There has been no way to prove if such a haunting exists as no one has attempted to investigate and have preferred to leave the issue alone. But someday, someone may try and evidence may be obtained to prove that Owen Hart's spirit may still be among us.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Return Of The Warrior

One of the biggest professional wrestlers Ultimate Warrior (Brian James Hellwig) will be returning to the squared circle June, 25 2008 in Spain to wrestle Orlando Jordan in a 1 on 1 match. Warrior has not wrestled in roughly more than 10 years, he will be stronger and better than ever, it will be a historic match up for the ages.

The Ultimate Warrior was born June 16th 1959 hailing from Crawfordsville, Indiana soon becoming a professional wrestler, he made it to the world wrestling federation that’s when he received the gimmick "the Ultimate Warrior” with his time in WWF he has achieved many things including winning the WWF championship WWF intercontinental championship, he was also a former WCWA heavyweight champion, and WCWA tag team champions. We will soon see the return of the warrior he will make a big impact on his huge return best of luck to the Warrior.

Article by Wes

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nick Hogan Gets It In The End!

Nick Bollea (a.k.a. Nick Hogan) was sentenced to eight months in Florida County Jail today after pleading no contest to charges of felony reckless driving.

In addition to the jail time, which begins immediately, Bollea, 17, was sentenced to 5 years probation, during which he will serve 500 hours of community service, not be allowed to drink any alcohol and have his driver's license revoked for 3 years. This is awesome its about time these rich punk celebrities get their ass punished for the stupid stunts they pull, in this case Nicks anus will be punished over and over again.

Ultimate Warrior

"That kids not going to be able to hold a fart when he gets out of there"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

WWE Erase's Chris Benoit

The WWE is treating Chris Benoit like he never existed; The WWE seemingly erased Chris Benoit from history!

The URLs of nearly every page related to Benoit on the WWE web site have now redirected to the main page, For instance, this URL should be the Benoit bio page, but that page has been discarded. The WWE has also pulled Benoit’s DVD, action figures, and tee shirts from Wrestling fans are not stupid they won’t simply forget about all of Chris Benoit accomplishments in wrestling just because the WWE is playing deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to Chris Benoit.

It's obvious why the WWE doesn't want to be associated with Benoit, who killed his wife, his son and himself, but simply pretending he doesn't exist is the wrong way to go about it. A much better approach would be annotating the pages related to Benoit with information about the investigation, and with information about what the WWE has done to cut down on steroid use among its wrestlers. The Benoit story won't go away, and the WWE shouldn't pretend it will.