Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Big Red Machine Kane

Before making his 1997 WWE debut as Kane, Glen Thomas Jacobs had many gimmicks such as, The Christmas Creature, The fake Diesel, and Dr. Issac Yankem DDS, which were very horrible gimmicks .Glen, was trained by Ray Candy and former Radicalz member Dean Malenko. Years later WWE thought up a great storyline which was that The Undertaker had a brother who he had accidentally killed along with his parents by setting his house on fire. Not long later Paul Bearer Reveled the dark secret what Undertaker did to his brother & parents and week by week Paul would drop hints to Undertaker that Kane is coming.

Finally, at Bad Blood 1997, Glen Jacobs made his final and successful character debut as the maniac Kane. It was Shawn Michaels VS The Undertaker in a Hell In Cell match, around the middle of that match undertaker was setting up HBK for a tombstone suddenly the lights went out Kane's music hit as you see him walking down the ramp with a passion for revenge and by his side none other that Paul Bearer. Kane ripped the Cell door off its hinges and entered the cell staring at Undertaker in the ring face to face. Kane does his pyro gimmick distracting the Undertaker. Kane then picks him up his brother for a tombstone piledriver and nailed him right into the canvas. Shawn quickly went for the pin and got the 1 2 3.

Weeks later Kane wanted to fight the undertaker in a match but Undertaker refused. So Kane took matters into his own hands and lit a casket on fire with Undertaker inside. Later on Undertaker returned wanting to face his brother and that match happened at WrestleMania 14.Undertaker went through hell fighting his brother but prevailed at the end, it took him 3 tombstones to get the win. A year or two later Kane extended his hand in friendship to Undertaker, and then formed a tag team called The Brothers of Destruction. Undertaker and Kane were the most dominating tag team around that time. Known for Breaking Vince McMahon’s ankle and putting him in the hospital the Brothers of Destruction were on a role winning the tag team belts. Around 2002 the Brothers started wrestling single again. And that’s when Kane became even more famous starring in a full length movie called "See No Evil”. The Brothers of Destruction finally reunited in 2006 to face MVP and Mr. Kennedy which was a great match. Then again facing Booker T and Finlay. Kane is a Very talented superstar I hope WWE gives him a WWE Championship run in the future, which he more than deserves.

Article by Wes

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Slammys are back!

The Slammys are coming back! The December 8 Monday Night RAW will be a three hour special edition that will feature the Slammy Awards, which are the WWE equivalent to the Academy Awards. This will be the fifth edition of the Slammys with the four previous ones held in 1986, 1987 and ten years later in 1996 and 1997. The last two were held on the Friday before WrestleMania. Categories for the Slammys included in the past 'Best Hair', 'Best Finisher', 'Best Couple', 'Best Dressed', 'Match of the Year' and others. The three hour RAW with the Slammys will be held in Philadelphia, PA. Let’s hope they throw in cool wrestling music videos like from the first, remember land of 1000 dances?