Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Has Kane Returned To Avenge Undertaker?

Could it be a decent storyline from WWE writers finally?

Since The Deadman is presumably retired, and it was Reigns who ended his career, his demonic half-brother may have returned to the ring to get revenge on behalf of The Phenom. It wouldn’t be the first time that Kane has done such a thing either. In fact, whenever the veteran returns it’s almost always for one of two things, to either help or hinder his brother. One of his last returns was in order to help Taker take down The Wyatt Family in what was seemingly the last ride for The Brothers of Destruction. 

Though this is just a theory, it’s really the only option that makes sense from a storyline perspective. Lets hope this is not another lame angle to make the weak botching Reigns look like a superhero again and defeat Kane.