Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lita Gets Around!

From Essay Rios to Matt Hardy to Edge to The Luchagors lead singer and now to CM Punk, Amy Dumas aka Lita has certainly been around the block.

The former WWE world heavyweight champion has hooked up with Amy Dumas, better known as former WWE Diva Lita.

He was previously in a relationship with Playboy cover girl and fellow grappler Maria.

Lita made worldwide headlines in 2005 when she cheated on then-boyfriend Matt Hardy with Edge, who had been one of his best mates. Her and Edge split up shortly afterwards but played lovers on WWE TV.

Rumours that Lita was dating Punk surfaced when they were pictured together at SummerSlam.

Sources close to the pair told SunSport they are seeing each other and have been for almost a year.

One said: "It's not an issue with the WWE bosses.

"It has been kept very personal and both Matt and Edge know about it, because Punk was man enough to tell both to their faces."

Lita retired from wrestling in 2007 to pursue a music career with her band The Luchagors. Who's next Lita? maybe King Kong Bundy or Kamala ;)


Anonymous said...

Is the slut still with Punk?

WWEGossip said...

Yup, Lita is still with Punk she even travels with him to some WWE events.