Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WWE the Funnier Times :)

What happened to the WWE’s humor and attitude? It seems WWE is going soft and somehow lost their grapefruits, what happened to the funny edgier skits like Stephanie McMahmon getting kidnapped by the Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior getting buried alive by Jake the Snake or when Kane and Paul Bearer tried to embalm Stone Cold Steve Austin, those were the good old days. Today we see stuff like John Cena rapping, Kane carrying around Rey Mysterio’s mask or Vince getting blown up in his limousine…Boring!

The WWE needs to bring back the attitude they once had but may now be lost forever like HBK’s smile. The WWE needs to go back to the period in time, where a lot of wrestling/skits in the company were willing to go to the extreme to entertain fans. There were a lot of hardcore matches, cages, new ideas like the Inferno match, different and more realistic characters, and the biggest anti-hero in Stone Cold Steve Austin being the centerpiece with his rivalry with Vince McMahon and his rebellious Don't Trust Anybody attitude. I guess when WWF took F out they also took the FUN out. :(

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Will Mick Foley go to TNA?

There has been talk that WWE hardcore legend Mick Foley will be heading to the TNA/NWA wrestling company when his WWE contract is expires on September 1st 2008. Foley said that TNA offered him a good deal in 2005 but he decided to stay with WWE after they topped TNA’s price. There is no way that Foley will not be able to withstand a full time wrestling contract so he will be wrestling part time much like Sting and Kevin Nash.

I think it would be a good change for Foley to work in TNA because every time he makes a return match in WWE he ends up in a pool of his own blood, by going to TNA Foley will most likely win some matches or do some managing. Best of luck to the greatest hardcore wrestler Mick Foley and his alter ego’s Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack we will miss you but more so the WWE will if you leave.

Article by Wes

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WWE Writers Suck!

On the August 11th 2008 edition of RAW Kane had a match with Chris Jericho, Kane was doing well until RAW’s general manager Mike Adamie came down to ringside with a pack of security guards because he told Kane he will reveal what he has in that brown mystery bag. Kane then picked up the bag and held it to his chest, as Kane turned around Jericho hit the code breaker and won the match (what else is new Kane loses to everyone these days). Shortly after Mike Adamie told Kane its time to see what's in the bag, Kane didn't want to reveal the contents but he then finally opened up the mystery bag. Kane then says there’s a mask in this bag, but not my mask.

Kane pulled put Rey Mysterio’s mask, did Kane kill Rey Mysterio? What the hell is the WWE thinking they went ahead and f*%ked up yet another good story line. There is so much they could have done with this angle! The WWE writers should all be choked slammed to hell, tombstoned and then buried alive!

Article by Wes