Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Has Kane Returned To Avenge Undertaker?

Could it be a decent storyline from WWE writers finally?

Since The Deadman is presumably retired, and it was Reigns who ended his career, his demonic half-brother may have returned to the ring to get revenge on behalf of The Phenom. It wouldn’t be the first time that Kane has done such a thing either. In fact, whenever the veteran returns it’s almost always for one of two things, to either help or hinder his brother. One of his last returns was in order to help Taker take down The Wyatt Family in what was seemingly the last ride for The Brothers of Destruction. 

Though this is just a theory, it’s really the only option that makes sense from a storyline perspective. Lets hope this is not another lame angle to make the weak botching Reigns look like a superhero again and defeat Kane.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ryback says he's "Dumb as F*ck"

Ryback took to social media on Wednesday, giving a receipt to the man who has publicly ripped into him for his "unsafe" style of work in the past. Ryback posted a tweet in response to the news that CM Punk's UFC debut will be delayed once again due to back surgery, kicking "The Best in the World" while he's down. The WWE Superstar took a line that Punk used during his infamous rant on the "Art of Wrestling" podcast about being injured by Ryback in WWE in the past. "Either you're doing it on purpose and you suck, or you're dumb as f*ck. Which is it?," Punk claimed to have asked Ryback when describing the incident during his widely circulated shoot interview on Colt Cabana's podcast. It was then that Punk said that Ryback replied in a dejected manner, "I'm dumb as f*ck."

News flash Ryback your correct you are dumb as f*ck, Boring as f*ck, Untalented as f*ck and finally no one gives a f*ck about you!

Friday, October 2, 2015

“Sensitive” Steve Austin

It seems like every ex-pro wrestler has a podcast these days, but among them, there is no ex-wrestler who has a more popular podcast than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who does the Steve Austin Show twice a week for Podcast One.

Austin isn’t the only WWE Hall of Famer who is partnered up with Podcast One, as “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has, or had, his own weekly podcast, until the company pulled his podcast, and it’s now no longer available on Podcast One’s website.

After Piper’s podcast was pulled, there were many who were wondering what happened, and Piper claimed that he knew exactly why his podcast was pulled and blamed “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Following WrestleMania in April, Piper had comedian Will Sasso — who is a lifelong wrestling fan — on his podcast. Sasso ended up impersonating Austin on the show, and Piper’s co-host Inappropriate Earl believes that Austin wasn’t a fan of the impersonation, so he called the higher-ups at Podcast One and snitched/demanded that they no longer feature the Piper’s Pit podcast.

“Some people should have a f****ng sense of humor. We get it, you can crack open a can of beer and come out in a f***in’ truck… If you can’t laugh at yourself after doing that for 25 years, and starting off as ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin in WCW, come on now.”

On the Piper / Sasso podcast, the two of them joked about Austin’s alleged heat with Vince McMahon, Austin’s only friend being his dog, and Austin quitting WWE. Piper also joked that Austin’s success was based on three words — “what” and “hell yeah.”

Why so sensitive Austin? Certainly you are not in the same league as a “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Austin did some of the most off the wall skits in the past, and now suddenly thinks he’s a thespian of the fine arts and bigger than the wrestling business.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Dozen Reasons Why Roman Reigns Sucks!

1. Only gets pushed because he’s the Rock's cousin
2. Overrated by fans
3. Over pushed by Vince
4. Can’t wrestle to save his life
5. 3 moves of doom
6. Cutting promos he cannot
7. No character, personality, Robot-like
8. Does same move 20 times a match (punches)
9. Ambrose/Rollins did all the work in the shield
10. Acts like Goldberg after doing the spear
11. Gets pushed for his size
12. Yet another NFL reject that thinks he can wrestle!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Macho Madness will never die!

Randy "Macho Man" Savage passed away today after a car accident in Seminole, Florida.

Randy's brother, Lanny Poffo, told a source that Savage suffered a heart attack while driving at 10am this morning, lost control of his vehicle and crashed. An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow to determine if the heart attack really occurred. Randy Savage may have passed away but Macho Madness will live forever ‘OHHH YEAHH”

Sunday, April 3, 2011

WrestleMania 27 Card

WWE Champion The Miz vs. John Cena
The Undertaker vs. Triple H (No Holds Barred Match)
World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio
Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole with special referee "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
John Morrison, Trish Stratus & Snooki vs. Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool
Randy Orton vs. CM Punk
Eight-Man Tag Team Match
United States Champion Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan
Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

?? Will a Battle Royal to take place during the WrestleMania XXVII pay-per-view broadcast

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Corre and The Nexus

The Nexus was formed after the NXT season 1 was over; Wade Barret won the season and was given a contract for WWE. The seven losers of the season were left jobless. Barret immediately began performing on Raw. On the Viewer's Choice edition of Raw, the group debuted during the main event between WWE Champion John Cena and CM Punk sporting matching armbands with the letter N. Barrett led the group in an attack on Cena, Punk, Luke Gallows, Jerry Lawler, Matt Striker, Justin Roberts, and other WWE personnel around the ring. They also began destroying everything at ringside, including the announce table and the ring itself. During the attack, Daniel Bryan strangled ring announcer Justin Roberts with Roberts' necktie and also spit on Cena's face. This led to WWE releasing Bryan as they reportedly felt those acts were too violent for their TV-PG programming. His absence was explained by Barrett saying that Bryan had felt remorse for his actions and as a result was kicked out of the group.

A week later, the group explained their actions as retribution for the poor treatment they received from WWE management during their time on NXT. The attack was also to threaten WWE into giving the remaining six members WWE contracts. Raw General Manager Bret Hart declined the demand and fired Barrett. When Hart then ordered the whole Raw roster to stand guard at the ringside and stage areas during the main event, Nexus attacked Hart backstage by forcing him into a limousine and crashing it into other vehicles. During the Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view, Nexus interfered in the main event for the WWE Championship, attacking all the wrestlers involved. Sheamus used the interference to win the title from John Cena. The group then spent the next few weeks attacking various WWE figures, such as Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat on the July 19 edition of Raw. Nexus continued their attacks on the Raw roster by first attacking Edge and then Chris Jericho, after the two longtime rivals attempted to manipulate the group against each other. Later on in the show, Barrett defeated Mark Henry in a singles match. After that, Barrett and Nexus asked Cena to join them. Cena refused and said that he would take them all down at SummerSlam and that he had found some help to do it. Cena revealed his team one by one; the members were Edge, John Morrison, R-Truth, The Great Khali, Chris Jericho and Bret Hart. Team WWE defeated Nexus at SummerSlam, featuring a returning Daniel Bryan, who joined Team WWE as a surprise member. At Bragging Rights 2010, Nexus won their first titles in the WWE when David Otunga and John Cena defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre to win the titles.

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel won the Tag Team Championship, after beating Otunga and Cena in a match in which Barrett ordered Otunga to lie down and be pinned, because of Otunga questioning Barretts leadership. Barrett then wanted John Cena to join The Nexus, but Cena refused and it lead to further consequences form Nexus. Nexus attacked Cena every week and then Barrett challenged Cena to match were if he lost he would have to join Nexus. Unfortunately Cena lost and was forced to join Nexus. Week after week Barrett would use Cena for help in his matches. Barrett received a title shot for the WWE Championship against Randy Orton. Barrett won a match against Orton by DQ. Who then as a result was allowed to select his own special guest referee for his WWE Championship match against Orton at Survivor Series. Barrett chose Cena and declared that if he doesn't win the title at the pay-per-view, Cena will be fired but if he does, Cena will be relieved of all of his responsibilities to Nexus. Randy Orton had won the match, Cena was fired. He came out the next night on Raw and gave a farewell, but it wasn't over. Cena continued to show up week after week slowly taking out each Nexus Member. Barrett then had enough and reinstated Cena to the WWE and challenged Cena to a match at TLC, Cena defeated Barrett by Attitude Adjusting him on to 6 steel chairs. This caused Barrett to be out of action for a few weeks. CM punk then talked with Nexus to become the new leader of the group. Acquiring the position after Barrett lost a Steel Cage match against Randy Orton and Sheamus, in which he would lose his status as leader and be exiled from Nexus should he lose the match. On January 10, 2011, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater left the group, after refusing to follow CM Punk's orders of initiation, to join Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson on SmackDown. The group now called The Corre, while Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty, and David Otunga successfully completed the initiation, and stayed in Nexus. On the January 17 edition of Raw, Mason Ryan joined Nexus.It is now a War between two alliances... The Corre and The Nexus.

Article by Wes

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Drew Mcintyre

Drew Samuel Galloway (born June 6, 1985) is a Scottish professional wrestler signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on the SmackDown brand as Drew McIntyre. He began training from the age of 15 in England, before moving back to Scotland to begin his career. Before long he became a regular in British Championship Wrestling (BCW) using the gimmick "Thee" Drew Galloway, winning their Heavyweight Championship twice along with the Heavyweight Championship of Insane Championship Wrestling. He also found success abroad in Irish Whip Wrestling, winning their top title. During this time he completed an undergraduate degree in criminology. After touring the independent circuit around the British Isles, Galloway moved to the United States in 2007 to sign with WWE. Along with a brief stint on the SmackDown brand, he spent time in developmental territories Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling, winning the Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships in the latter, before returning to SmackDown and quickly winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship. In 2010, he held the WWE Tag Team Championship with Cody Rhodes on 28 August 2009. McIntyre returned to the SmackDown brand disregarding his previous time on WWE television and established himself as a villain by attacking R-Truth as he entered the ring using his new double under hook DDT finishing move, the Scot Drop which would quickly change its name to the Future Shock.

McIntyre would continue to attack Truth over the following weeks which lead to McIntyre defeating Truth in a 1 on 1 match at the Hell in a Cell PPV which was McIntyre's first PPV thus ending the feud. On 25 September, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon introduced McIntyre as a "future World Champion" that he had personally signed. McIntyre was on a winning streak defeating unknown jobbers every week, until Kane came along and defeated Drew in a 1 on 1 match with a brutal kick to his face. The following week McIntyre stated that Mr.McMahon reversed the decision and removed the loss from his record thus making him still undefeated. A few weeks later SmackDown General Manager put McIntyre in a match against The Undertaker a man who holds an amazing undefeated streak at WrestleMania. The Deadman dominated the match and defeated McIntyre with a Tombstone and ending the so called chosen ones streak. On September 19 at Night of Champions, McIntyre and Rhodes captured the WWE Tag Team Championship in a five-team Tag Team Turmoil match as the last entrants by defeating Evan Bourne and Mark Henry. This allowed them to appear on both brands. At the Bragging Rights pay-per-view on October 24, McIntyre and Rhodes lost the championship to The Nexus (John Cena and David Otunga).On the following episode of SmackDown, Rhodes and McIntyre argued following a loss disbanding their team. McIntyre indeed has a lot of potential in him and I think he will defiantly be a future WWE Champion. Let’s see what the future brings for the chosen one.

Article by Wes

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dawn Marie's Scam

Some serious claims are being made towards former WWE performer Dawn Marie Damatta as she is being accused of embezzling her charitable organization, "Wrestlers Rescue."

The organization, which was founded in 2008, creates awareness and helps raise money to support the health care needs of retired professional wrestlers. However, former friends of Damatta say they are unaware of whom the organization has benefited and where the money raised has gone.

According to Wrestling Globe Newsletter editor and Sun writer Mike Aldren, Damatta has embezzled money raised by "Wrestlers Rescue" to fly herself to conventions around the United States so she can profit off of autograph signings. When questioned by Aldren, Damatta set her attorney on him, who admitted that "Wrestlers Rescue" is not a registered charity.

Aldren noted the following to author and activist Irvin Muchnick, which was posted on his blog: "Nobody seems to know where all the money has gone nor has anyone seemingly benefited from the money that Dawn has raised over the past three years. Her former friends have told me she uses the money to fly herself to conventions around the country so she can profit from autograph signings. She has agreements with several promoters where if she flies herself in she will get a free table to sell her merchandise. When I started asking reasonable questions, Dawn set her attorney on me, who admits Wrestlers Rescue is not a registered charity."

This is not the first embezzlement accusation levied towards Damatta as two months ago, a host for the online radio show Hit the Ropes claimed that she was being investigated by the FBI for stealing money from "Wrestlers Rescue." He said that she didn't refund those who paid to attend the organization's July 2010 fundraiser cruise after it was canceled in April.

The reason cited for the event's cancellation was as follows: "It has come to our attention that there is a similar cruise event being held within a month of our event. Due to the fear of not having enough participants because of this we are withdrawing our fundraiser cruise."

Last year, Damatta held a fundraiser to benefit "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, with the funds raised purportedly going towards the purchase of a hands-free medical device that would help him speak more easily after having his voice box removed during cancer surgery. The Hit the Ropes host claimed that she failed to assist Williams before his passing last December due to throat cancer.

He also claimed that she promised money to former WWF ring announcer Michael Porter, but failed to live to her word.

It's worth noting that the official website of "Wrestlers Rescue," www.wrestlersrescue.org, was suspended by its hosting provider for the past few days. It resurfaced online today.

Damatta was quoted by The New York Times for an article last week concerning Linda McMahon's political campaign, which noted her charitable organization. She recalled attending an event a few years ago where retired wrestlers were signing autographs for fans and spotted 'a legend of the sport' (The Iron Sheik) dozing off behind an autograph table before his agent pushed him into the bathroom in a wheelchair.

"I said, 'This man should be enjoying his life, he should be enjoying the fruits of his labor,' " Damatta said. "Instead, he is there signing autographs for $20."

She subsequently launched "Wrestlers Rescue," to help support the health care needs of retired professional wrestlers.


WWE superstar Sheamus A.K.A Stephen Farrelly was was born January 28th 1978 in Clonsilla Dublin Ireland. Farrelly's inspiration into a professional wrestling career came from watching both British wrestling from ITV'S World of Sport and American wrestling from the World Wrestling Federation on Sky One. Farrelly began training in Larry Sharpe's Monster Factory wrestling school in April 2002, alongside Tank Toland, Cliff Compton and Cindy Rogers. Six weeks later he officially debuted as a fan favorite under the name Sheamus. He soon suffered a serious neck injury after botching a hip toss which sidetracked his career for two years. Farelly soon developed his wrestling character by drawing Celtic mythology. In May 2004, still using the ring name Sheamus O'Shaunessy, Farrelly returned to wrestling at the newly opened Irish Whip Wrestling he then made his debut match for the promotion at their Mount Temple show on July 9 against Mark Burns, who he easily defeated.

On November 13, 2006, O'Shaunessy appeared on the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) show Raw only to later receive a Pedigree from Triple H. This led to signing a developmental contract for WWE, at which point he relocated to the United States. On July 22, 2008 O'Shaunessy worked a dark match at a SmackDown taping, losing to R-Truth. The following year in May, O'Shaunessy began appearing at the Raw brand's house shows and on both May 8 and 9 he defeated Jamie Noble along with another dark match victory over Noble before an episode of Raw. About 2 years later on June 30, 2009 episode of ECW, Farrelly made his unannounced debut as a villain under the shortened ring name of Sheamus, quickly defeating a local competitor. Sheamus soon entered into a critically well-received rivalry with Goldust after defeating him on July 29. Soon after exchanging victories in the following weeks the two appeared on the Abraham Washington Show talk segment leading to a No Disqualification match on September 1 which was won by Sheamus.

Sheamus made his Raw debut by defeating Jamie Noble and in the following weeks he continued to attack Noble causing him to retire. Sheamus then went on to feud with John Cena. Weeks after of their feud Sheamus earned a title opportunity on December, 13th 2009 at WWE PPV TLC (Tables Ladders Chairs).The match was a Tables match who ever goes threw the table would be declared the loser. Sheamus shocked the WWE Universe by putting Cena though a table making him the first ever Irish born WWE Champion. The next night on Raw the Slammys awards was held. Sheamus won the breakout star of the year award, winning the WWE Championship in only 3 months of his WWE debut. Sheamus then moved on to a feud with Triple H (his workout partner on the road). Sheamus would attack The Game week after week, until a match at WrestleMania 26 was made, Sheamus V.S Triple H. In a great match The Game came out on top but that wasn't the end of this rivalry. At WWE PPV Extreme Rules a street fight was announced and Triple H was attacked by Sheamus before the match backstage giving The Game a slight concussion and nerve damage. Triple H was able to continue the match where Sheamus utterly destroyed him. Sheamus then hit Triple H with his finisher the Brogue Kick (Bicycle Kick).Triple H suffered multiple concussions after the match putting him out for months.

Article by Wes

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Nexus

The first season of NXT began airing on Syfy on February 23, 2010 and ended on June 1, 2010. The plot of this innovated new show was for 8 FCW rookies to come into the NXT program to prove to people that they have what it takes to become a WWE superstar. Furthermore, who ever won the NXT season would receive a WWE contract and a title shot at a PPV. Season one rookies were, Darren Young, Daniel Bryan, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Skip Sheffield, Michael Tarver and Wade Barrett. The rookies competed in many challenges and matches each week. Fifteen episodes later elimination season started. On May 11th Daniel Bryan and Michael Tarver were eliminated from the competition. The remaining rookies continued to wrestle week after week. The rest of the rookies were eliminated and the winner of season 1 was Wade Barrett.

About a week later during a match pitting against John Cena and CM Punk NXT came out from the crowd and attacked Both Men. However, this was just the beginning NXT attacked time keepers, security guards, camera men and even the announce team, Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler. NXT then destroyed the ringside area by tearing up the ring, ripping of the safety pads from ringside and breaking TV monitors from the announce table. It was a night that the WWE universe and superstars will never forget. The other week on Raw the WWE board demanded that they go into the ring and apologize for what they did. Unfortunately NXT did not. (What a Surprise). NXT started talking about how they were never respected in there time in the WWE and demanded respect. A few minutes of their boring speech Raw GM Bret Hart came out and fired all 7 NXT members and had them removed from the building. Later that night during a tag match, the lights shut off and on the titantron showed NXT beating the hell out of Bret Hart. They tossed Bret into the back of a limo and brutally started smashing into other cars in the parking lot. It was continued about 3 times until NXT stopped and pulled Bret out of the limo and demanded next week he give all seven of them WWE contracts. The other week Bret was replaced by an anonymous Raw GM who still has not been shown yet, there is a laptop by the announce table where the mystery GM sends emails running raw. Seems like a dumb gimmick if you ask me and annoying. Who ever it is gave all seven NXT members their contracts.

Later on that night NXT demanded everyone to call them” The Nexus”, week after week Nexus continued destroying WWE superstars and legends. The life of story of the Dragon DVD was released, showing the amazing career and unforgettable matches of Ricky Steamboat. The dragon came out to the ring to promote and celebrate the releasing of his DVD with Dean Malenko, Michael P.S Hayes and Arn Anderson. During the middle of Ricky's speech Nexus came out and tried to attack the 4 legends. They held Nexus off for a moment until the numbers game caught up. Nexus one by one pulled three men out of the ring and started beating them down outside the ring. Steamboat was left in the ring alone and Nexus brutally beat him down executing all there finishing maneuvers on him. Steamboat was left motionless in the ring. Steamboat suffered Injuries to his neck and shoulders, two weeks later Mr. McMahon fell victim to NXT. The WWE locker room could not stand seeing the assaults on WWE anymore after getting screwed twice out if winning the WWE title John Cena rounded up a team of WWE superstars including himself...Edge, Chris Jericho, R-Truth, John Morrison, The Great Khali and Bret” The Hitman" Hart. They will battle Nexus at Summer Slam and hopefully end them once and for all. Rumor has it that there will be a leader to the whole NXT invasion. The rumors stated that Triple H will be the perpetrator of the whole thing thus making him a heel once again. However this is just a just rumor. The Game is not scheduled to return until mid October due to injuries, so if this is true...Then long live The Nexus.

Article by Wes

Friday, July 16, 2010


Trained by his father, the legendary three-time NWA World Champion Dusty Rhodes and by Skandar Akbar, Runnels made his debut on September 13, 1988 as Dustin Rhodes, in the same stomping grounds where his father gained fame, Florida. After a short stint in the World Championship area, teaming with another second generation wrestler Kendall Windham (son of Blackjack Mulligan) as the Texas Broncos, Rhodes went to Japan to wrestle for All Japan Pro Wrestling, teaming with Tom Zenk to defeat Isao Takagi and John Tenta in Karasuyama, Japan.

Rhodes returned to Florida and teamed first with his father and then with Mike Graham, himself the son of legendary Eddie Graham. In May 1989, Graham and Rhodes teamed to defeat Bobby Jaggers and Black Bart to win the Florida Tag Team titles, although they dropped the belts to Bart and Tony Anthony a few weeks later. On May 23, 1989, Rhodes defeated Al Perez to win the Florida Championship Wrestling Heavyweight title.

After losing the FCW belt to Kendall Windham, Rhodes moved on to the CWA and USWA, making it to the finals of a tournament for the USWA Southern Heavyweight title, before losing to the Dirty White Boy. After several more months in the USWA, Rhodes joined his father in WWE.

Attacked by Ted Dibiase during one of his father's matches, Dustin joined forces with Dusty against Dibiase and Virgil. Soon after a tag team loss at the 1991 Royal Rumble, both Rhodes were gone from WWE, with Dustin resurfacing in WCW.

Rhodes quickly worked his way up in WCW, defeating Buddy Landell and Richard Morton and even battling Steve Austin to a 15-minute draw at Halloween Havoc '91. But prior to that, he would team with Tom Zenk and Big Josh (Matt Borne) to win the NWA World 6-Man Tag Team titles in August '91.

He would team with his former Texas Broncos tag partner's brother, Barry Windham, only to see Windham injured by Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko just before a tag team title match. Rhodes revealed his mystery partner to be Ricky Steamboat and the pair won the WCW Tag Team titles on November 19, 1991.

Even after the loss of the tag titles, Rhodes remained one of the rising stars in WCW, and allied himself with Sting against the Dangerous Alliance, culminating in a WarGames match at WrestleWar. Rhodes and Windham continued to team together, making it to the finals of the NWA World Tag Team title tournament, before losing to Steve Williams and Terry Gordy. However, Windham and Rhodes would take the unified WCW and NWA Tag titles in September.

The partnership between Windham and Rhodes would last only until they lost the titles to Steamboat and Shane Douglas, when Windham turned on Rhodes when Dustin wouldn't go for a pinfall on an injured Steamboat. In a twist of fate, it would be Steamboat that Rhodes beat in January 1993 to win the vacant U.S. Championship, a title Rhodes would hold for most of 1993, even after dropping it temporarily to Rick Rude, before finally losing to Steve Austin at Starrcade '93.

After jumping from independent booking to TNA in which he played a character call Black Reign.On March 3, 2010, Goldust joined the SmackDown brand, making it the first time that Goldust had ever been officially on the SmackDown roster. He made his debut for the brand on the March 4 edition of WWE Superstars in a losing effort against Chris Jericho. The next week on Superstars he defeated Mike Knox. He appeared in a dark 26-man battle royal match at WrestleMania XXVI, but failed to win, although his past ally Yoshi Tatsu won.

As part of the 2010 WWE Supplemental Draft, Goldust was drafted back to the Raw brand. On the May 3 episode of Raw, Goldust made his re-debut for the brand in a backstage segment with guest host for that week, Wayne Brady. The following week, on the May 10th episode of Raw, Goldust teamed with John Morrison, Yoshi Tatsu and Santino Marella in a losing effort against all eight of the NXT Rookies when Bryan rolled up Santino Marella for the win. On the May 20th edition of WWE Superstars, Goldust went on to face William Regal in a winning effort executing his finisher move, the Final Cut.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mickie James

The Connecticut Post reports that WWE fan Zavr Peygumbari, of Brooklyn, New York, was arrested last week after he called WWE headquarters over twenty times with threats to blow up the company's office and harm staff members. Zavr was upset that WWE released former Women's Champion Mickie James. Apparently little Zavr was upset that he would have one less WWE diva to masturbate to.

Zavr was arrested last Friday and arraigned yesterday at state Superior Court in Stamford, CT. Zavr's next court date will be on May 25th. He was originally held over the weekend in Stamford on a $250,000 bond but released on a $5,000 bond Monday. His lawyer describes him as a "fervent wrestling fan" who did not intend to follow through on his threats. Court records show that New York City police know Zavr as being emotionally disturbed.

During his arraignment on Monday, the angry WWE fan apologized for the phone calls and called them foolish & childish. Zavr allegedly threatened to blow up WWE's offices and said he would visit the building with a machete and a machine gun. The phone calls began on April 24th and continued through April 27th. Nineteen calls were made by Zavr on April 24th with a handful of calls made over the next few days. During one call, Zavr threatened to kill an un-named WWE employee and his family. The phone calls were traced back to a cell phone that Zavr had.

Zavr has been charged with four counts of fourth-degree threatening, one count of second-degree harassment and two counts of second-degree threatening.

The judge told Zavr on Monday that he could not contact WWE employees, go near it's offices in Stamford or attend any events. Zavr's actual response to this in front of the courtroom: "I'm not allowed to go to wrestling shows?" The real question is who will be body slamming Zavr when he’s doing his time in the slam.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Shawn Michaels

Michael Shawn Hickenbottom Better known by his ring name Shawn Michaels was born July 22, 1965 and is one of the best wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring. He was considered as one of WWE's senior performers having performed for over twenty years. Shawn began his wrestling career with (AWA) American Wrestling Association. During his time with AWA he performed in partnership with Marty Jannetty as the Midnight Rockers, winning the AWA World Tag Team championships twice. Shawn and Jannetty then signed with World Wrestling Federation (WWF), while in contract with AWA. They returned to AWA, only to go back to the WWF in 1988. In the WWF they were renamed as simply "The Rockers” The Rockers continued their partnership, eventually splitting on December 2, 1991 during an incident on Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake's televised Barber Shop talk show promotional segment. Shawn Michaels then superkicked Jannetty and pushed him through a Glass window on the segment. Soon after Jannetty disappeared from the company and Michaels became a villain known as "The Boy Toy. At the suggestion from "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, Michaels then adopted the nickname "The Heartbreak Kid. Shawn’s new gimmick was a vain and cocky villain. He was soon put together with Manager Sensational Sherri; Sherri even sang the first version of his new theme music, "Sexy Boy”. and when he left the arena, he announced "Shawn Michaels has left the building”

Shawn soon entered a staged rivalry with Razor Ramon, this feud culminated in a ladder match between the two at WrestleMania X. Michaels lost the match, which featured both his and Ramon's belts suspended above a ladder in the ring. At the 1998 Royal Rumble, Michaels received a legitimate back injury in a Casket match against The Undertaker. Michaels took a back body drop to the outside of the ring and smashed his lower back on the casket, causing him to herniate two discs and crush one completely. This forced Michaels into retirement after losing the WWF Championship to Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIV. Many said he would never be able to make a return. Nevertheless, in 2002 Michaels returned to wrestling and was brought into the New World Order (nWo) by Kevin Nash as a new member of the group. Soon after the nWo disbanded and Triple H and Shawn reunited DX when they were about to drop their signature suck it taunt, Triple H turned on Shawn and Pedigreed him. A week later, Triple H attacked Michaels from behind in a parking lot and put his head through a car window. In response, Michaels challenged Triple H to a Street Fight at SummerSlam, which Triple H accepted. Michaels won at SummerSlam but was attacked by Triple H after the match with a sledge hammer.At the 2002 Suvivor Series Shawn defeated Triple H for the World title in the first ever Elimination Chamber match. Michaels' reign as champion came to an end when he lost the championship to Triple H in a Three Stages of Hell match.

Slowly DX started reforming with both Shawn and Hunter doing the Crotch chop in their matches at WrestleMania 22. During Triple H's gauntlet match, which had him compete against the Spirit Squad, Michaels came in to help Triple H and the two did the DX "crotch chop. At Vengeance, DX defeated the Spirit Squad in a 5–on–2 handicap match. DX lasted for only 1 year and slowly started breaking up again to respectively go in to single competition feuds. Shawn then put out a challenge to The Undertaker who he wanted to fight at WrestleMania 25 the feud started building up when Shawn would come out every week and super kick Undertaker. The Matched happened at WrestleMania 25 and it was a match that went down in history, many thought that Shawn was going to finally end the immortal undefeated WrestleMania streak.100s of fan signs were held up and said 16-1 but alas it was not to be. HBK made a tiny mistake which Undertaker Took advantage of and picked up the win, boosting the streak to an ever higher number of 17-0. Shawn was not seen on TV since that match for about four months. There was a storyline were he gave up wrestling and became a fry cook at a restaurant. Triple H then called Shawn and asked him for his help to take out The Legacy.(Cody Rhodes) and (Ted DiBase). After Shawn came back DX reunited once again defeating Legacy in a Hell in A Cell match. DX captured the unified tag team championships for the first time in there illustrious career from Chris Jericho and Big Show. Soon after DX lost the belts to Big Show and Miz a few months later.

At the WWE Slammy awards, Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker at WrestleMania 25 was voted match of the year. He then challenged The Undertaker again at WrestleMania 26. The Undertaker declined the match and told Shawn if he wanted him he would have to win the Royal Rumble, Shawn made it to the last four men in the Rumble but was eliminated by Batista. Shawn was going crazy he had to find a way to make Undertaker change his mind. So he took measures into his own hands and cost The Phenom his world title at the Elimination Chamber PPV by coming from under the chamber and super kicking the Undertaker him, which lead to Chris Jericho winning the Title.

The next night on RAW Undertaker was furious about what happened. Undertaker then accepted Shawn’s challenge and so it was settled. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels II at WrestleMania 26, but Undertaker had a stipulation. If Shawn were to lose the match, he would have to Retire from the WWE, Shawn then accepted and said "If I can’t beat you Undertaker....I have no Career” Many once again though that Undertakers steak was at risk of being ended even myself. The match was on at WrestleMania 26. The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels was defeated by The Undertaker, who was now 18-0 at WrestleMania. Witnessing an Amazing career come to and end, Undertaker helped Shawn up and HBK had wrestled his final match. The show ended with Shawn walking up the ramp leaving. The next night on RAW Shawn gave his final farewell to the WWE universe. This was a very emotional night for everyone. Shawn Michael’s storybook career was over and he had written the last chapter in it. There will never be a person like Shawn Michaels ever again. The Heart Break Kid, The Show Stopper, The Headliner, The Main event. Shawn Michaels...October 16, 1984 - March 28, 2010.

Article by Wes

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chris Kanyon

Chris Klucsaritis, who competed as Chris Kanyon, was found dead Friday night at his apartment in the Sunnyside section of Queens, New York. He was 40 years old.

Klucsaritis' death is believed to be suicide as a longtime friend reports that a pill bottle and several notes were found close to his body.

He had been vocal about suffering from a bipolar disorder and had threatened suicide many times in the past according to those close with him. He told one friend as recently as Monday that he was going through another bout of depression and contemplating suicide.

Kanyon also worked as a masked character named Mortis in World Championship Wrestling and had a run with World Wrestling Entertainment beginning in 2001 which resulted in reigns with the WCW United States Championship and WWF Tag Team Championship. He garnered headlines following his 2004 departure from WWE by going public with his homosexuality and claiming WWE fired him for being gay. Although he retired from wresting at one point, he returned to the ring and worked matches on occasion.

He, along with Scott Levy (Raven) and Michael Sanders, attempted to sue WWE for "cheating them out of health care and other benefits" but a federal judge in Stamford, Connecticut dismissed the case. With the recent coming out the closet from bisexual wrestler Orlando Jordan there could have been a spot for Kanyon in TNA wrestling.