Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The WWE FutureStars!

WWE should look in to giving some of the newer wrestlers a push there are many individuals in the company that can have a more promising career if properly promoted. MVP (Montel Vontaivous Porter) also an acronym for most valuable player should be given a chance to be a top WWE superstar, MVP is a talented wrestler with a fairly good gimmick. The WWE should stop giving people like Santino Marella chances to win matches and championships although he is hilarious when it comes to backstage segments and microphone interviews but he is just not quite the right candidate to hold WWE gold. Why the WWE gives pushed to talent-less wrestlers like the The Miz is beyond me, Miz has no in ring skills and zero personality in interviews. On the other hand, John Morrison is a fairly decent wrestler and deserves a push in the future. Hopefully the WWE will take a look at some of these wrestlers and keep them in mind for a future push.

Article by Wes

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ashley Massaro VS Ashley Massaro!

Here are the mysterious details about the two Ashley’s:

1- On the left in the bikini is an alleged Las Vegas model who happens to have the same name as WWE wrestling diva, Ashley Massaro. The WWE Ashley Massaro has been fingered in an escort scandal by the FBI and Rolling Stone magazine. Fans of Ashley are trying to say that the girl in the bikini is a dead ringer for Ashley with the same name who is actually the one implicated in the whole mess.

2- There are two Ashley Massaros. One is our favorite ex WWE diva, the other is a model who supposedly lives in Las Vegas. Both women have the same name, and the two were often mistaken for each other in the past which is why WWE Ashley went by Ashley Marie Massaro before she joined WWE. To make life more exciting both women look freakishly similar, but the Vegas Ashley is said to be younger than the ex WWE diva.

3- Philly Burbs journalist Eric Gargiulo has spoken to a few people close to the Ashley Massaro escort scandal story, and they are saying that the Ashley Massaro named by Rolling Stone is indeed the WWE Diva. Gargiulo's sources are saying that the timing fits right and considering that the girl in question was advertised from New York City, it's a pretty big giveaway.

4- Ashley's profile did in fact exist on the website of the Los Angeles based "Bella Models" escort agency, but no pictures were found. Although, Massaro's name was never erased from the website. The page said that Massaro was based out of New York City. Of course, the WWE Diva is from Long Island, New York, which is nearby New York City. The page also listed her nightly booking fee at whopping $25,000.

5- At the moment, it appears as though that the WWE Diva's lone saving grace is Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer saying that there is, or at least was, "another Ashley Massaro" based out of Las Vegas. The alleged Massaro is a bikini model who won some major bikini competitions in 2003 and 2004, according to Meltzer. Additionally, the alleged Massaro is three years younger than the WWE Diva. People have trying to find information online on the supposed bikini model, but no one's been able to pull up up anything on her. Even if a Las Vegas based Ashley Massaro does indeed exist, the only other possible explanation that the person named by Rolling Stone is not the WWE Diva is if the Las Vegas bikini model happened to live in New York City in 2003-2004 as well, and that's a pretty big stretch.

In conclusion, well honestly we at WWEGossip are a bit stumped. Are there two Ashley Massaro if so this could be a very lucrative storyline fore WWE or even TNA. Imagine the call girl Ashley verses WWE Ashley in a wrestling match cool stuff! The one conclusion we at WWEGossip can agree on is that both Ashley’s are HOT!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bring Back The Legends!

WWE should bring back legends to manage some of today’s WWE superstars, having a legend at ringside while your having a match will be great its like having a mentor to help you win matches and become a better wrestler. For Example, WWE should bring back Rick Flair to manage Triple who is great wrestler there is no doubt that and everyone knows he will be a future hall of famer. However, having Ric Flair at ringside will be a amazing privilege they would be unstoppable, just like back in the evolution days.

Ric Flair is the dirtiest player in the game in the corner of the game would make Triple H better than ever or imagine HBK (who ended Ric's career at WresltleMania 24) having Ric Flair as a manager WOW! If that were to happen WWE attitude would be born again. Another good manager would be WWE legend Rowdy Roddy Piper who could be a manager/mentor for the younger talent and guide them to future superstar status. Bring back legends such as Flair & Piper to manage would also pull in a larger fan base of old school wrestling fans. The WWE bringing back those legends who paved the way would be awesome and give wrestling legends a chance to once again be seen in the spotlight and help mold the new up and comers into future WWE legends.

Article by Wes