Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The WWE FutureStars!

WWE should look in to giving some of the newer wrestlers a push there are many individuals in the company that can have a more promising career if properly promoted. MVP (Montel Vontaivous Porter) also an acronym for most valuable player should be given a chance to be a top WWE superstar, MVP is a talented wrestler with a fairly good gimmick. The WWE should stop giving people like Santino Marella chances to win matches and championships although he is hilarious when it comes to backstage segments and microphone interviews but he is just not quite the right candidate to hold WWE gold. Why the WWE gives pushed to talent-less wrestlers like the The Miz is beyond me, Miz has no in ring skills and zero personality in interviews. On the other hand, John Morrison is a fairly decent wrestler and deserves a push in the future. Hopefully the WWE will take a look at some of these wrestlers and keep them in mind for a future push.

Article by Wes

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