Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WWE the Funnier Times :)

What happened to the WWE’s humor and attitude? It seems WWE is going soft and somehow lost their grapefruits, what happened to the funny edgier skits like Stephanie McMahmon getting kidnapped by the Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior getting buried alive by Jake the Snake or when Kane and Paul Bearer tried to embalm Stone Cold Steve Austin, those were the good old days. Today we see stuff like John Cena rapping, Kane carrying around Rey Mysterio’s mask or Vince getting blown up in his limousine…Boring!

The WWE needs to bring back the attitude they once had but may now be lost forever like HBK’s smile. The WWE needs to go back to the period in time, where a lot of wrestling/skits in the company were willing to go to the extreme to entertain fans. There were a lot of hardcore matches, cages, new ideas like the Inferno match, different and more realistic characters, and the biggest anti-hero in Stone Cold Steve Austin being the centerpiece with his rivalry with Vince McMahon and his rebellious Don't Trust Anybody attitude. I guess when WWF took F out they also took the FUN out. :(

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