Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Your Fired!

WWE has been on a firing spree for the last few weeks. Over seven people were released from the company such as: Big Daddy V, Shannon Moore, Steven Richards, Nunzio, Collin Delaney and Rory McAllister of the Highlanders. The WWE have released too many talented superstars and retained wrestlers who put fans to sleep. In 2006 WWE reunited ECW bringing back all the old school ECW wrestlers. In about 1 year or less WWE started firing them. The only ECW original left is Tommy Dreamer which is bad business, why even call it ECW anymore? Before this article hits the net Dreamer may also be fired. Almost all of the famous superstars that were fired in WWE ended up in TNA for example, Christian, Rhino, Kevin Nash, The Dudley Boys, Booker T and much more.

What the WWE fails to understand is that all of those superstars will make TNA even more popular and give the WWE a run for their money. Don’t be surprised if in a few years TNA blows up bigger than the WWE. Instead of getting rid of so many wrestlers the WWE needs to get better story lines from their writers the current ones they have now are not cutting it. WWE has another bad habit of giving rising stars the belts too soon! Give people like Shawn Michael’s the belt or Chris Jericho people who won’t drop the ball so TNA can grab it.

Article by Wes

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