Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kane Asks "Is He Alive Or Dead?"

On the July 7th edition of raw there was a fatal four way match were the winner gets a world heavy weight championship match at the upcoming PPV. Batista picked up the win by doing a crapy spear on Kane. Minutes later Batista left the ring and Kane snapped he went to ring side and big booted a time keeper in the face then tried to grab Lillian Garcia who ran like a scalded dog.

Kane then approached the announce table and screamed "is he alive or dead!?" he then grabbed that worm Michael Cole by the throat and tossed him in the ring. Kane was going to choke-slam him to hell but Jerry the King Lawler came in and chop-blocked Kane which backfired on King. Kane beat the hell out of him and left him there after a kick to the skull, now when Kane said those words "is he alive or dead” who could that be? Couldn’t it be Undertaker because he did not die in his last match he just walked out the arena! Could it be Paul Bearer? Last time we seen him was at the 2004 great American Bash when Undertaker drowned him in cement.

What’s in the bag Kane now carries around? could it be Paul Bearer’s crushed urn. On the other hand the bag could contain Kane’s old mask or maybe some eyeballs, plugging a new ‘See No Evil’ movie with good old Jacob Goodnight?

Article by Wes

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