Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why "The Rock" is a Crock!

When Dwayne Johnson first came to the WWE/WWF, he was known as “Rocky Mavia,” a combination of names between his father and his grandfather. His gimmick was rather awkward, he had some wild haircut and a jungle outfit to match. What the hell? Dwayne had a lot of potential inside the ring, but good ol Vinny Mac just didn’t want to give this guy any mic time. Even as a good guy, his omen as a bad guy was pure; chants like “Die Rocky Die” were innovative to Rocky Mavia being what he is known today, the Rock.

When the Rock finally emerged and brought with him all the tools of the wrestling trade, he was electrifying. You could see that a future world champion was destined for greatness. However, it seemed that the Rock started to look more and more like another pro-wrestler, Hulk Hogan. No, not because of being the movie star, but because he had to be world champ all the time. Just like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and Stone Cold Steve Austin; the Rock now had to be world champ all the time. Just like Hulk Hogan, the Rock has pretty much all hype and no show. He can punch the hell out of you and still have time to spit in his hand and hit you one more time; can you say fake? The Rock’s name isn’t even original. Remember Don “The Rock” Muroco? A former intercontinental champion and legend of the WWE?

In one brutal PPV match between Mick Foley and The Rock (the match was featured in Beyond the Mat (1999), during which Foley was handcuffed and he was subjected some fourteen consecutive chair shots to the head, in which the Rock actually almost killed Foley by swinging the chair with all his mite in an attempt to get over with his character. Foley’s kids who were in the front row with their mother and were shown to be shaken. They haven't attended a live show since. After the match The Rock didn’t even come to Foleys dressing room after the match to see if he was ok.

Finally, now in 2008 Dwayne Johnson has gone Hollywood all the way, vowing he is done with wrestling forever and will focus on his acting career. With flops under his belt like Doom, Walking Tall, Spy Hunter and Be Cool in which he played a homosexual. The Rock appears the 2008 Get Smart movie in which he has a kissing scene with another man. It was rumored that "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson was part of the Fa'afafine (Samoan boys brought up as girls) I guess it all adds up, if you smell what the Rock is cooking?

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