Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Randy Savage Curse!

Some say it’s a curse others say its just plain weird! Here are the mysterious facts behind the release of the long awaited Randy Savage Ultimate Collection DVD set..ohh yeahh!, the official website of Randy Savage, has launched an online petition to get the Macho Man inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

2-WWE's online store,, has put up the product page for their upcoming three-disc DVD set on the career of Randy Savage, Macho Madness - The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection. While fans can purchase the DVD by itself, WWE is also offering a package deal including the DVD, the WWE: The Main Event book, and a three-pack of miscellaneous wrist bracelets. As you can see, WWE is not going all out with their package deal on Savage as they typically offer another piece of merchandise related to the Superstar's DVD release — usually a t-shirt. There is actually a reason for the non-inclusion of another Savage product in this case.

3-According to the webmaster of Randy Savage's official website,, WWE officials do not want fans wearing t-shirts bearing his trademark likeness appearing on their television shows. As a result, WWE is not manufacturing and including a t-shirt that is typically included with DVD packages.

4-A ConAgra plant near Raleigh, N.C., that makes and packages Slim Jim beef jerky was rocked by a huge explosion on Tuesday, killing three employees and sending dozens of workers and three firefighters to hospital with severe burns or "exposure to toxic fumes." This happened the same day the Randy Savage Ultimate Collection is released.

5-It was reported last month that WWE decided against manufacturing Savage clothing in coordination with their three-disc DVD release on him as they didn't want fans wearing t-shirts bearing his trademark likeness appearing on their television shows.

6-WWE had arena security confiscate all fan signs related to "Macho Man" Randy Savage at Monday's Raw taping in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Guess the WWE does not believe in the First Amendment!)

In conclusion, I don't think anyone will really ever know why all these strange happenings took place during the release of the Randy Savage Ultimate Collection DVD set, but with strange rumors of Vince putting some sort of voodoo spell on Savage who knows what to think. I purchased the Randy Savage Ultimate Collection and there are some great matchs and interviews on there sadly its missing a documentary on the life of Savage. Curse or not Randy Savage is still one of the greatest wrestlers of all time..DIG IT.

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