Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chris Jericho

Christopher Keith Irvine better known by his ring name Chris Jericho was born November 9, 1970 and is an American born Canadian professional wrestler, television, stage actor, author and rock musician. Jericho is currently signed with WWE wrestling on the smackdown brand. Jericho was also in WCW and ECW; he is credited for being the first ever undisputed champion in WWE history. Jericho has won the WWE intercontinental championship a record 9 times. Jericho is a five time world champion having won the WCW championship twice, the ninth Triple Crown champion and the Fourth Grand slam champion. In 1996 thanks to a recommendation by the late great Chris Benoit and Paul Heyman, Jericho began wrestling for the Philadelphia-based ECW. Winning the ECW world television championship while in ECW Chris Jericho made a name for himself wrestling top guys like Cactus Jack, Sabu and Rob Van Dam.

On August 26, 1996 Jericho made his first appearance with WCW. One year later Jericho defeated Syxx (Sean Waltman) for the Cruiserweight Championship for the first time. Jericho then became Heel after he won the title a third time against Rey Mysterio. Jericho then began a long feud with Dean Malenko in which Jericho repeatedly claimed he was a better wrestler than Malenko but refused to wrestle him. Because of his mastery of technical wrestling Malenko was known as "The Man of 1000 Holds," so Jericho claimed to be "The Man of 1004 holds." In the weeks before Jericho's WWF debut a clock labeled Countdown to the new millennium appeared on WWF programming. On the home video Break the Walls Down, Jericho states he was inspired to do this as his entrance when he saw a similar clock in a post office. Finally the clock ran down on August 9, 1999 in Chicago Illinois while The Rock was in the ring doing a promo. Jericho entered the arena and proclaimed himself "Y2J"...A spin of that whole Y2K scare thing that was supposedly going to happen in the year 2000, but never came to fruition.

Jericho's first match was against the Road Dogg Y2J would lose the match by disqualification after power bombing Road Dogg through a table. Jericho’s finishing moves in the WWE is the lionsault in which he would jump and bound off the second rope and flip into a moonsault onto his opponent. Jericho's second finisher is The Walls of Jericho which is basically a Boston crab but in a higher standing position, Chris used the move in WCW but called it the lion tamer instead and it was a bit different. Jericho also has many cool catches phrase’s that he has come up with. One used catches phrase is when he makes his entrance on the stage he would turn around and say” Welcome to Raw Is Jericho”. In WCW he called him self "The Ayatollah of rock and Rolla”. and in WWF he would say ”PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP!" Jericho was always better as a Heel character but is very funny as both Heel and a face. Jericho is a very talented Wrestler without a shadow of a doubt he will be in the in the Hall of Fame someday. Jericho is only 39 years old right now. Y2J can achieve many more historic things in lie winning a Royal Rumble, every great superstar needs to win at least one Royal Rumble.

Recently, Chris Jericho and Gregory 'Hurricane' Helms were picked up by cops at a petrol station in the early morning hours. American gossip website TMZ report that Jericho, 39, and Helms, 35, were taken into custody in Kenton County, Kentucky, at around 5am for "alcohol intoxication in a public place.” They were questioned, photographed and then released on bail for ($120). It is expected the pair will receive a small fine. Although Jericho and Helms were at a petrol station when the incident took place, there is no suggestion that either were driving. Jericho will always be viewed as a WWE legend and will always have the respect of the WWE universe no matter how much he calls them Hypocrites and Tapeworms.

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