Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kane Underrated!

The WWE has many misused and underrated many wrestlers one being Kane, a man that's been with WWE for well over 12 years. When Kane made his debut in 1997, Just weeks later WWE had him winning match after match, at one point he literally destroyed The Hardy Boys. Kane didn't waste any time making an impact. Kane soon later defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin in a first blood match to win his very first WWE championship. Unfortunately on the very next night on RAW Kane lost it the belt but he didn't stop there.

Months later Kane teamed up with his storyline brother The Undertaker and formed the unstoppable team of ''The Brothers of Destruction'', they held many tag team championships and were together for numerous years. After beating all other teams possible, BOD separated forcing Kane and Undertaker back to singles competition. Kane went on to win the Intercontinental championship and the hardcore championship. In 2002 Kane lost a match in which he had to remove his mask. Soon after Kane’s unmasking things started going down hill for the Big Red Machine.

I think it’s quite sad to see Kane being reduced to something of a jobber. Presently, Kane barley wins any of his matches; he would always lose to people like Rey Mysterio or newbie buffoons like Kofi Kingston. In the past Kane single handedly destroyed The Hardy Boys, but now he struggles to beat guys half his size. The WWE creative team really should get kicked in their face for making a legend like Kane look like a jobber. I would hate to see Kane leave without a decent title run. Who knows maybe those moronic WWE writers will come to their senses and give him a title run, hopefully before his back is bad and his knees are shot.

Article by Wes

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