Monday, August 17, 2009

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy was born August 31st, 1977 in Cameron North Carolina. Jeff was trained by Dory Funk JR. and Michael Hayes. In his early career in WWE Jeff and his bother Matt Hardy worked as jobbers. Later the Hardy’s joined the brood with Gangrel where they were making a name for them self's and started winning matches. One of the Hardy’s greatest matches was at WrestleMania 16 in a TLC Ladder match against The Dudley Boys & Edge & Christian. That match literally changed the WWE; everyone in that match went through tables and was bashed in the head with a chair. Although the Hardy’s lost it was still a match that went down in history.

Later on The Hardy’s split up into singles competition; Jeff captured many championships including Intercontinental, Hardcore and many more. Not long after Jeff took a two year hiatus from the WWE and he joined TNA but in 2006 he resigned with WWE. Jeff won his first major WWE championship at the 2008 pay per view Armageddon, in a triple threat match against Edge and Triple H. In my opinion he deserved that belt more than anyone else. Jeff is a very unique wrestler he will put his body on the line every time he performs in the ring.

Unlike Rey Mysterio, who requires wrestlers catching him in most of his aerial moves, Jeff Hardy takes the bump. Hardy does some of the craziest moves like a swanton bomb off a 30 foot Raw set or off a 20 foot ladder. Hardy is a fearless individual that will go to the extreme to make the fans happy. Jeff lost his belt one month later in a TLC match against Edge at the 2009 Royal Rumble but Jeff quickly climbed the ladder back to championship matches. At 2009 Night of Champions he defeated CM Punk for the World Heavyweight championship. Jeff Hardy is a well respected person and many people love him for the things he does in the ring as well for his friendly personality. Recently there have been talks that Jeff wants to leave the WWE after SummerSlam to do different things and recharge his batteries. I understand that wrestling takes a toll on your body and leaves you in pain, but Jeff’s absence would leave a gaping hole in the WWE roster. In my opinion he is the best high flyer the WWE has today and it will be a big loss to see him leave. Hopefully he just wants to rest and will be back in the near future. All props to the man Jeff Hardy!

Article by Wes

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