Monday, January 12, 2009

ECW Not Extreme!

In 2006 WWE brought back ECW with most of its original extremists including Sabu, Sandman, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer and more. For a few months ECW was really exiting because of its rebirth and extreme matches, ECW was on a hardcore roll. Until WWE started releasing many originals from the company, once they were gone ECW went down in the dumps having poor matches and nothing extreme. Weeks later wrestlers started getting disqualified in there ECW matches not so extreme if you ask me.

ECW stands for Extreme Championship Wrestling so why in the hell would you get disqualified? It makes no sense at all, what’s the point of calling it EXTREME! Back in the original ECW days when Paul Heyman owned the company you would have people drilled through flaming tables and barbed wire bats grinding into there forehead now that’s extreme. Today in this water down ECW all you see is maybe a garbage can getting smashed over a persons head or a kendo stick or two. What happen to the real land of extreme? WWE should not even call it ECW anymore because it just sort of like a crappier version of smackdown. This sissified version of ECW shows every Tuesday at 10:00 pm on SCI-FI. It’s pretty silly to still call it ECW why not call it Tuesday Night Titans or something alone those lines. Hopefully one day ECW will rise again like a phoenix from a burning table and become extreme once more.

Article by Wes

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